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Mich Term 2021

BPBC 2nd men's VIII

Fairbairn Cup (Invitation VIIIs), BPBC 2nd Mixed VIII

Time: 16:39.3
An interesting race.
My first for Black Prince, and my first for some time (Lent 2019 according to the website). I was also coming off the back of a shoulder injury from a high speed bike crash in the summer and had only done the row home from Novice Fairbairns since the crash. So all in all, the goal of the race was to get to the finish line.

We went off at an optimistic pace, and the start was improve by Matt Crowe depositing a ton of water on my head from the 2 seat - it proceeded to drip into my eyes for the rest of the race.
By the time we got to the white bridge, Sophie called that we were 1/4 of the way there, and my legs decided that this had been a terrible idea and stopped working. I rowed the next 2k with dubious amounts of power and technique, but mostly managed to stay in time.
Sophie called for a lift out of First Post Corner and I managed to refind some power in my legs, helped by the fact that I thought we only had 500m to go to the line. We went up from 30 to 32, and the boat got splashier and slower. We then went up to 34 an then 36, with the exact same result.
Sophie then called for another lift now that we actually had 500m to go, and we tried. I'm not sure we succeeded, but we tried.

We got to the power lines before the motorway bridge (Which I recall from my time as a fresher when I actually trained as the final sprint) and my legs gave out again. I think I did the last 200m of the race with absolutely no power, just trying frantically to stay in time and not upset the boat.
We crossed the finish line and promptly died. A hip flask of definitely-not-sloe-gin was passed down the boat and well received, and Maraia produced mince pies from the bank which were much appreciated.
I borrowed Maraia's bike to cycle home (had to be back in the office) and this led to the only downside of the day! My legs were so tired that when I dismounted to push over Emma Footbridge I failed to stand up and just fell over, landing in a heap with the bike. No major injuries, but the rear wheel might need straightening.
All in all, an excellent effort from all and a great race.
Thanks very much to all of Black Prince for an excellent row!
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