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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2019

A timed head race over 2500m, from the Motorway bridge to the Penny Ferry pub.
Sat 16th November

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1st women's IV, BR S2

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1st men's VIII, BR S2

Fastest College VIII, 1st in BR S2, 5th Overall
Time: 8:36.6
Our main goal of the day was achieved: we managed to press the start button on the timer without crashing into the bank. The stop button remained elusive however - but we have Fairbairns for this.
Aside from this, the rowing was decent; unfortunately considerable leg drive was missed - we can also sort this for Fairbairns.
(W.J. Hardy)
We raced twice: first in the BR S2 division in which we recorded our fastest time (8:36.6 -> 5th fastest overall, 1st in BR S2 div) and then again in the Student C1 category with the other colleges (8:47.2 -> 5th in stu C1 div, slight headwind according to Bomber). 

First race was attacked well but hampered by having to overtake UofEA round the outside of Ditton. Second race also attacked well but maybe left a bit too much aside in the middle section, overtake of the crew in front happened on plough reach so no excuses here.

Our first time won us the BR S2 division and also gave us the fastest time by a college on the day, giving us both a real and moral victory, sad that we could have won two hip flasks if we'd raced it the other way round but oh well. A good result pre-Fairbairns with plenty more to come...
(H.J. Hampson)
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2nd men's VIII, College VIIIs

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