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May Term 2018

1st women's VIII

Head of the Cam (1st division)

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May Bumps

Technical row over
A pretty solid start to the week with a nice 'n' short row over. It perhaps wasn't the first day we really wanted but definitely one to be happy about. We had a strong start with a whistle in the first minute but Girton were closing on Christ's much faster and seemed to be incapable of clearing in a suitable manner. Next time they get in our way I hope we hit em! (B.C. Ladd)
Bumped Christ's
BEASTED it!! Bumped in 1 minute 12 seconds and absolutely flew off the start. It was a strong and powerful row, with great commitment. You can tell all our 1 minute pieces really payed off! First bump of FaT's campaign, you go girls!! (B.C. Ladd)
Rowed over
Perhaps the best row as a crew this term so far. Great power and connection through the water throughout. That being said, rowing the whole bumps course for the first time was not the most enjoyable experience; my legs weren't particularly grateful. 

We got a whistle on Girton pretty quickly off the start but they held us and eventually gained water along the reach. A massive push meant that we began moving on them again until they reacted and continued to hold through to the finish.
(B.C. Ladd)
Bumped by Churchill
A brief update:
After failing to make up much ground on Girton over the full course yesterday, W1 decided to have a go at them over a shorter distance today. They made up a bit more ground than yesterday, but didn't get close enough to threaten a bump, and later fell back towards Churchill's waiting bows, succumbing on Ditton.
Once again a great row in itself despite getting bumped. After rowing over on Friday we were aiming to race it much harder to grassy in the hope of continuing to gain at a good rate. This didn't quite go to plan but after the first whistle we managed to hold them at a length for considerably longer today. Unlike yesterday however, we were being chased by Churchill whom began to gain on us after grassy, taking the bump as we came onto the reach. A slightly disappointing end to our bumps campaign but I am extremely proud of the girls!! We'll have our revenge next year! (B.C. Ladd)
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