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University IVs 2017

A knockout competition for Cambridge College IVs over 2000m.
Tue 24th - Fri 27th October

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Light IV, Light IVs

Lost to Downing M1 and Clare M1
With only two outings together as a crew and me managing to break the boat both times it was not looking optimistic.
We lost to Downing and Clare in a pretty unmemorable race but Jon's lines were sharp and Jacqui's (new coach) encouragement from the bank spurred us on. 
I'd have liked to have had had this crew training more together but with the nature of the squad system and availability of both rowers and coaches this was not possible.
Well done to Clare and Downing.
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1st women's IV, 1st division

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2nd men's IV, 1st division

Quarter finals
Lost to Fitzwilliam M1
Not a bad row for a scratch four - in fact, I discovered my last crew member when Alex showed up to the boathouse.

The start was worse than our practice start (probably because I missed my third stroke as stroke) but then we got into a nice rhythm and held it. There were definitely stretches where we were rowing long and cleanly. The commitment was also always there - the definite increase in speed when jacqui called for a push around Ditton was extremely encouraging. I think Fitz moved a lot from us at the start and then very slowly since, but I cant really tell.

Confusing calls from the bank meant that Kristina called the wind down too early, but by then it was clear who the winner was. 
(D. Lee)
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2nd women's IV, 2nd Coxed Four

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3rd men's IV, 2nd Coxed Four

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