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Mich Term 2017

3rd women's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (2nd division)

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Emma Sprints (M3/W3 Division)

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Clare Novice Regatta (Plate)

1st round
Beat Wolfson II by a hair's breadth
An amazing race. The girls lost half a length off the start to a bigger Wolfson II crew but settled into a rhythm and slowly moved back, taking the lead for the first time after about 90 seconds. They gradually pulled out to 1/2 length but a couple of momentary timing lapses allowed Wolfson to stay in the race. Coming into Morley's Holt both crews drifted and there was a big blade clash; having disentangled we crossed the finish line a fraction ahead, and fortunately the umpires let the result stand based on our narrow lead when the blade clash occurred. This was, I believe, the first race win for an NW3 crew since 2004 and was thoroughly deserved - well done girls! (Neil T)
Quarter finals
Beat Newnham II easily
The girls had a great start and pulled ahead of the Newnham crew who promptly crashed into the bank. At some point in the second half of the race an umpire told us to move back to the towpath side as the other crew were apparently gaining, but the girls rowed long and together to see off any challenge. (Voysey)
Semi finals
Lost to First and Third II
An incredible race against our NW2! A FaT/FaT semi final caused the marshals some difficulty when getting the crews straight for the start. They opted to call NW2 Bonnie and NW3 Clyde but that confused matters even more! We had a solid start and the crew fought valiantly but the taller NW2 pulled away steadily. However, the girls continued to drive hard the rest of the way including a fantastic push off the railway bridge to finish the race in style. (Voysey)
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Novice Fairbairn Cup (1st division)

37th, 2nd NW3
Time: 14:32.6
Although "Murray Edwards III" were ahead of us, Murray Edwards I were not so in fact this crew was the fastest 3rd VIII, beating Newnham III by six seconds. This is our best NW3 performance on record (and only 2003 comes close) - many congratulations! (Neil T)
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