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Drumps, Lent Term 2017


Mixed VIIIs
bow Unknown 2 Unknown
3 Unknown 4 Unknown
5 Rory McLaurin 6 Andrew McFarthing
7 Forbes Anderson str Tom Herbert
Rowed over
Going into the race, I was confident that our two returning blues would more than make up for our tiny cox, and so we would have a strong chance at a win. However we soon discovered that the returners has already warmed up excessively and that one was suffering a crippling equipment failure (he had forgotten his bread). Initially, this didnt slow us down much, as the caffeine from our rower bombs sent us on a strong start through the first 2 rooms. Things first went south in new court, where, even armed with straws, the lager room was too much for us. At one point we had overlap with a crew on each side, but despite several crabs we avoided the bump. My memory of the rest of the course is less clear, but definitely involved cinnamon shots. Hopefully someday Forbes will release the go pro footage... (R.J.T. McLaurin)

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