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Lent Term 2017

2nd men's VIII

Head of the Nene (Novice VIIIs)

2nd in category, 6th overall
Time: 10:04
This was our first outing together as a crew as M1 had previously stolen one of our bowsiders a few days before when their bowman did not show.

It wasn't a bad race considering it was our first together as a crew. The weather was surprisingly sunny for a February, morale was high, and if we had had a few more outings together we could have shaved off those 4s to come in pole position and win ourselves some pots. A good set-up for this term.

Ra ra
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Pembroke Regatta (2nd division)

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Lent Bumps

Bumped Darwin
There once was a bumps crew from Darwin
Whose fitness from afar seemed quite Spartan
But on closer inspection
This proved mere deception -
That inestimable bumps crew from Darwin

Rough though we were at the startin'
Our lads quickly ground down the margin
And by first post corner
The Black Prince had torn 'er
And into their stern we were carvin'

Our first bump having been bought on bargain,
For our next one we're already starvin'
Into Corpus Christi
We hope to fly swiftly
Though not without first some good sparrin'
(A.J.O. Lewis)
Having come back from almost a year of injury, and sporadic training I was excited for a strong bumps campaign in the highest men's crew I had ever been in.

We had a good term, coming together and really brought it together in the last day or so before bumps. On the day, it simply got even better and felt slicker.

We pushed out, with little time sitting out in the river due to the wind, and off the cannon went. First day nerves came into our start, but we held it together and came to a nice rhythm.

I had never bumped before, and over 16 days of bumping races, my average per day was a solid -1. This time was different though. I heard whistles being called from the bank party at an angle I had never heard them from before - our own bank party. We kept the pressure on Darwin, and really took it to them. A few more strokes later and we took them out on First Post corner.

As our coxswain called "Hold it up!", I was a bit too keen and managed to nearly eject myself with a crab. As I sat up, and right myself, and we were pulled in by those on the bank I must admit that for the first time I shed some tears of joy. It felt like the culmination of two years of my time in First and Third, and to bump was simply splendid.

Ra ra.
Rowed over
Hard and fast though we'd pushed toward Corpus,
our holy communion was abruptly denied.
Even though our pushes had been ****ing enormous.
Perhaps we were still just a tad too cautious
Despite knowing Selwyn would get crucified -
Hard and fast though we'd pushed toward Corpus.
And what a surprise when then Darwin plowed toward us,
As we rounded the Plough and started to stride -
Even though our pushes had been ****ing enormous!
So what if our rowing til then wasn't gorgeous;
We held it together when softer crews might have died,
Hard and fast though we'd pushed toward Corpus.
And when the cheers rose from that marshalling chorus,
We found grace in agony, and swanned through with pride.
Even though our pushes had been ****ing enormous.
One almost might ask if we're mere men, or horses -
So long in enduring! So thick in the hide!
Hard and fast though we'd pushed toward Corpus,
Even though our pushes had been ****ing enormous.
(A.J.O. Lewis)
Bumped Selwyn
Caught all but half-squared at the last cannon blast,
We jumped, keeled over, sliced the air and halted
Briefly on the slide - a momentary terror, passed
As quickly as started, by a crew still undaunted.
Rhythm we built then by the meter, swinging
Through at the finish with newfound thrust; with a lift
Off the catch our blades went in cleaner, springing
Back off our footplates, our backs to the gust. So swift
Into Selwyn we flew from two whistles! We jacked up the rate
And went full bump-or-bust: sending puddle-tsunamis
On back toward Downing, a missile we whizzed down the strait -
Gaining overlap, canvas, til their cox cried for Mommy
When our two man was slapping their stern with his blade. Bless
Them for holding so long anyway; we'd be hardly so proud were it less.
(A.J.O. Lewis)
Rowed over
One tap, one rock; let's
Believe in our stroke, boys
I can see them - push!
(A.J.O. Lewis)
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