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Mich Term 2016

1st men's VIII

Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs)

20th, 11th Cambridge college M1
Time: 15:26.2
Not a bad row, but we were lacking in power compared to other colleges. Must train harder next term to make up for it. We showed we can execute a race plan while remaining technical though so things are promising.
We started off this term in a weak position. I can't imagine that our average 2k by the time Fairbairns came around was much better than 7:05. For an M1, even in Michaelmas, that's far from ideal. However, we came together significantly well technically, with RTT even noting that we were technically the best Michaelmas crew since we had headship.

I am of the opinion that our Fairbairns piece done over the lock was a better piece of rowing than this. However, we certainly gave it our all, and so fell apart slightly earlier than we would have had we solely focused on rowing our slick best. It was simultaneously pleasing and highly disturbing to see the pre-workout Marcus had downed before the race come surging from his mouth, along with the rest of the contents of his stomach, as we crossed the line.

We had very few outings as a crew all term, and our result, given our obvious lack of power, is pretty pleasing. As we approach Lent Bumps, we need to commit to every stroke, every outing, and make as many gains as possible in the short time we have, and take back revenge on the crews that beat us today. Let's hope Santa brings some gains this Christmas.
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