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May Term 2016

1st men's IV

Cambridge Head-2-Head (Open Invitational)

Time: 15:19
A fairly decent race in a scratch four. The downstream leg with the tailwind had good patches but the power was being applied a little too late in the stroke, which resulted in a mediocre pickup. The finishes that we had been working on were good down the straights, but we let ourselves be distracted by the corners too much and it took too long to find our rhythm coming out of them. There was a tendency to finish away from our riggers in an attempt to correct the set at the finish, for which I take a significant amount of responsibility. Despite this, there was a significant improvement in technique and togetherness throughout the leg, as expected from a scratch crew, with a nice finish down First Post Reach.

During the rest at the lock, we talked about keeping the boat set at the finish and front-loading the race a bit more, bumps-style, with the aim to race hard to Ditton and hold on. We achieved the first two focuses quite well, leading to a much better first 1.2 km to the second leg. Having raced hard to Ditton, we hit wash from the Catz W2 boat that we were chasing, came into the headwind and Matt's wrist strap fell off. This led to a few extremely dodgy strokes, but we never really picked it up from there, and the boat just felt really heavy until the finish. I subsequently began to forget which way was vertically upwards and didn't help with finishes down the Reach. We need to learn to keep the technique together once it really starts to hurt if we want to close the deal down the Reach in Bumps. Tom Rose's prescription: more weights.

Also, my first pots since Lent 2015 - though we were racing some weird invitational category due to having scratched the eight...
(Neil I.)
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