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Mich Term 2015

1st women's novice VIII

Cambridge Winter Head (Student Beginner VIIIs)

4th W Student Beginner VIIIs
Time: 13:07
A very promising first race for NW1.
Despite cold conditions and a lack of kit at the start, they warmed up nicely through the race.
They kept their composure and timing throughout the length of the race, aided well by Emily's pertinent calls.
They dealt well when overtaking Christ's around Ditton and didn't lose focus. Emily coped well with the tricky steering round the corners, despite a usually ineffective boat.
Into the head wind on the reach, they sat tall and worked well to push off the crew behind.
They were still together as they crossed the line, which couldn't be said for most of the crews around them.
Overall a very good result as the 2nd college VIII in the category.
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Emma Sprints (W1 Division)

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Clare Novice Regatta (Cup)

Quarter finals
Lost to Downing NW1
A very good row.
Took nearly a length off the start and looked very strong.
Responded well to Downing's push and despite being brought back to quarter of a length, they looked like they could have held them off all the way to the finish.
The race was marred by poor umpiring with little consideration for the wind conditions.
After a gust brought us into the bank, the girls recovered well and the build to the finish was inspired.
Overall the row shows great promise for Fairbairns on Thursday.
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Novice Fairbairn Cup (2nd division)

3rd fastest NW1
Time: 11:28.2
Our best row of term. We had an awesome first half of the race - the blade work and boat set was excellent and the crew committed to each push. Coming through Chesterton (great line by Emily) we managed to hold the rhythm we had up to the railway bridge despite fatigue taking its toll and then pushed on again as we made it through the line. The commitment to our race plan was always there and the entire crew raised their performance for the race. The rowing was unrecognisable from that at Emma Sprints 11 days ago, but the biggest impression left on me was the mental toughness to come back from losing to Fitz (twice) and Downing and beat them both by 15s over the course! (A. Strange)
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