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Emma Sprints, Mich Term 2015

1st men's novice VIII (M1 Division)

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1st round
Won easily against Queens NM1
This was pretty straightforward. It was obvious from the first stroke that barring a huge mishap, NM1 would win. Given the crab from the stern of the boat could only count as a minor mishap, they won! (Sam)
Quarter finals
Won against Wolfson NM1
Wolfson were bigger than Queens', and this was a closer race. Nonetheless, NM1 didn't panic, and kept reasonably together down the course, finishing a decent margin ahead of Wolfson. (Sam)
Semi finals
Won (narrowly!) against Caius NM1
The only reason I'm writing race reports. This was epic!

NM1 started cleanly, but Caius started strongly, and moved out to about three quarters of a length. Through this, NM1 stayed in their rhythm, and slowly the speeds equalised. I don't know whether the subsequent movement of NM1 up on Caius was the result or cause of a Caius rower losing their seat, but over the next 200m, we gained steadily on them, coming to level with about 10 strokes left.

At 2 strokes to go, there was a wobble in the bows, and I thought all was lost, but NM1 held onto an extremely narrow margin (surely less than a metre) to win.

This was a brilliant example of trusting a rhythm, and moving back through a crew as a unit. Hopefully NM1 take this victory, and remember, when they are down, they can still win. I don't know how much the seat incident cost Caius, but it will be interesting to see the two crews race over a longer course; I'm fairly confident we had been about the same speed before the seat came off.

Moving on, the crew mustn't discount Caius as very serious competition - they saw off a big Jesus crew in the previous round. With the Red Scum also an unknown quantity, NM1 must continue to press on, and work to be as fast as they can be.
Won against Selwyn NM1
Not a formality, but a formality. Selwyn were in touch for the first third of the race, then caught a series of crabs, and stopped. The real final was the semi-final, but well done to the crew for finishing the day off.

Good effort!

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