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Cardinal's Regatta, May Term 2015

1st Tub (mixed) (2++)

Coxed pairs
in Tub pair
1st round
Lost to Darwin by 1 seat
Having planned this double-coxed tub crew whilst quite inebriated after BCD, we all knew that this was going to be a laugh. The chosen theme was Vikings, with all four of us donning painfully small viking helmets with large horns (these turned out to be susceptible to falling off in the wind), our coxes were armed with a cardboard spear, and our warship adorned with the blue and gold shields bade by Imogen and Chloe the night before. As we put the boat on the water, we caught sight of the Catz tub next door, which had a massive sail and the rowers had capes. We immediately realised that we stood no chance in the running for the costume competition.  

 We had a pleasant row down to the Plough, during which I began to understand why we race in sensible boats like VIIIs, rather than double-coxed tubs. Chloe and Zoe between them established that having two coxes is not very effective for going in a straight line. 8 new blisters later, we arrived on the start line against Darwin. Under (partial) direction of the umpires we were given half a length advantage because a) our costumes were better than theirs, b)both Darwin rowers we men (in drag, of course), c)they had a much lighter boat, and only one cox, so were carrying as much as 100kg less weight than us, and d)we felt like rowing a slightly shorter race. After faffing around for what seemed like forever, we then raced down half the reach, ending in a dead heat, and a re-row.  

Unfortunately the re-row started with no advantage, and we didn't quite have the muscle to move our much heavier boat past theirs, ending in a loss by about 1/4 of a (tub) length. The cardboard spear was then promptly thrown at the opposition, though the prevailing wind meant that it didn't go anywhere near hitting them. On the row home we kept a lookout for the viking helmet that had been removed from Zoe's head by the wind during the re-row. Though we were not victorious, we had lots of fun, and enjoyed taking the now very soggy cardboard shields off the tub at the end of the day.
(Jake Rowe)

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