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Head of the Cam, May Term 2015

John Grenfell-Shaw (Novice 1x)

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Time: 13:13
In the single, I had rather less luck. As usual I had only a vague idea of where the start was but got onto my pace reasonably quickly, but dreading the head wind on the reach. First Post reach went moderately smoothly as I remembered how to scull, before turning into the corner too early and sharply and taking a few seconds out of my race to drift away from the bank and push back out my bowside blade. I followed this up with an overtake round Grassy in which I accidentally managed to push the poor overtake-ee right out wide. A push onto Plough reach was followed by a poor line round Ditton while overtaking a double (who it has to be said were moving quite incredibly slowly). Events for this race were concluded shortly after by attempting to overtake a mixed pair; Barney on the bank yelled at them to concede the line. When the finally did so I was extremely close and instead drastically altered my line to avoid the collision; a few strokes at pi/4 to the racing line to get round them (who were now going wide themselves) and I was blissfully clear. Rowed to the finish and found I'd lost by 6s...

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