The Club's Results

Cardinal's Regatta, May Term 2015

James Bond (Mixed IV)

Miscellaneous women's IVs
bow Julia Attwood 2 Chloe Edwards
3 Imogen Grant str Matthew Griffiths

Coxed by: Michael Thornton

Semi finals
Beat Pembroke easily
Definitely the best dressed crew of the day, we had Bond at stroke and three Bond girls in dresses filling the rest of the boat. I even brought heels. We lined up against the Pembroke crew and wrangled a half length head start given that we only had 1 male rower. We rowed fast until it was clear we were ahead, at which point we wound down and Thornton asked where the finish line was. We crossed in style. (Imogen)
Lost to Peterhouse
It turns out if a crew has two men from M1 and two women from W1 then their four goes quite fast. We held them on the start (with no head start) but it became clear they were going to win fairly comfortably. We then focused on looking as good as possible to cross the finish line. (Imogen)

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