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May Term 2015

2nd men's IV

Nottingham City Regatta (IM3 4+), Almost M2 bow IV

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Nottingham City Regatta (IM3 4+), Almost M2 stern IV

Time: 7:58.5
The IV had some weird issues; it felt so close to rowing well but having one practice outing wasn't sufficient. It was just a little bit unnecessarily rocky. Having said that, when we were racing we had a good start and a solid rhythm. We pushed well of the start and were broadly holding the field; our main race was with the IV in the outside lane (to Liv's left) and we were constantly trying to keep them at bay, being slightly up for much of the course. Sadly our pushes tended to disrupt the race rhythm and cause strange things to happen. When we got to within the final 500m we discovered why other people train for these events; the other IV put in an excellent sprint for the finish while we had nothing to move onto, meaning we failed to qualify for the second round by a frustratingly small amount. (John)
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