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Newnham Short Course, Lent Term 2015

1st women's VIII (1st VIIIs)

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Time: 8:18
A pretty encouraging race, overall.
I went into the boat with an ambiguous frame of mind: I was saddened by the absence of both Alexa and Imogen, and apprehensive about the snow and cold, though the arrival of kit was a nice surprise!
Snowy and cold marshalling, as expected, but then the wait was enlivened by the sight of Christ's attempts at tapping.  
We started to wind up about 200m before the start line, in order the stay close behind them, and managed to gain on them quite significantly during the first 500m. They pushed away again during the middle k, but we managed to move on them again closer to the finish line.  
(Zoe W.)

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