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Fairbairn Cup - IVs 2014

A 3200m timed head race on the Cam for College and Invitational IVs
Fri 5th December

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2nd men's IV, College IVs

11th College IV
Time: 13:28.9
It must be said that having successfully dropped my bike key, university card and phone in the river on the row home from the previous race, as well as having sacrificed my voice to the rowing gods, I did not go into this race in the best of moods. We put the boat on the water about 3 minutes before our start, and everybody readied up with seconds to spare. This was to help us get our heads in the boat and have nice and calm pre-race preparation in order that we could go out and smash the competition. It turned out that we hadn't practiced or discussed our start (so far as I could tell, ever), but this was Jason's third race of the day with me coxing him so at least one person in the boat knew what to expect. In the end it got off ok, called like all the others, and we began moving the boat gently round the corners. We had a variety of pushes but everybody's favourite call of the day was asking Blaise to draw up - I did this so that Sam would stop looking for people to punch. In an unsurprising twist, the cox box stopped working 500m before the end of the race. I don't think my voice has ever sounded so haggard. The other two things of note to mention here were that Jason's rage face is genuinely terrifying, and we were almost (but not quite) caught by the Corpus crew chasing us. In other news, we weren't last! When you beat the first Caius IV you, err, know that it was a banter IV like yours was and that we probably cheated too much (there were, I believe, three pre-race outings). We were also beaten by some of the women. (John)
I was hoping this result would fade away without being reported on the website... Having Corpus close is not a good feeling. While it was genuinely fun doing a few outings in the IV, getting as much as we could of the old NM1 back to relive Mich '11 wasn't as effective as I had hoped. We missed the double speed yelling of Yining, the war cries of Florian and Ahmad, and, of course, Tim 'cousin of Nash' Hele. It should be noted though that one member of our crew cheated by not racing in an VIII beforehand - this was perhaps atoned for by Jason, who rowed in 2.

The row itself was committed, though. Decent effort.
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