The Club's Results

Summer 2014

Double sculls

Sudbury International Regatta (IM3.2x), FTT/EMM Ford

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Cambridge Autumn Regatta (CRA IM3? Mixed Double), Fordy and Alexa

won (the other boat crashed)
Another comedy doubles race featuring Fordy and Alexa. Our intial opposition scratched, but fortunately Cantabs were able to field another mixed double for us to race. (And they were really lovely and good sports about it too!) We actually gained off the start, which has never happened to me in a sculling race before! After about 100m we were about a seat up, and occasionally pulled away before a randomly crappy stroke set us back. We were about two to three seats ahead when the other boat crashed into the kink. Fordy and I both felt we could have held it together for the rest of the race, but fortunately we didn't have to find out. I thought the race was over, but Fordy convinced me we did have to continue across the finish line another 250m downstream. We wound it down and crossed the finish line with the giggles. Can rowing be like this all the time? (Alexa)
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