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Etape Caledonia, May Term 2014

Black Prince Cycling Club (Road Bike)

Bunch Finish - 426th, 427th and 429th
Time: 3:54:26
Shut up Legs!
After a pleasant 12 mile blast downhill to the start, I completely failed to notice Chris Boardman on the start line. The start line organisation was, similar to last year, very chaotic. (Worse possibly than Winter Head!)
We went off hard, reaching the 15mile point in the 155th fastest time of day. After a quick bite at the first feed point we rolled on, quickly finding a big group, doing a few turns of the front, then settling into the middle of the peleton and blasting along at 36kph. We arrived at the foot of the big climb in the top 400 and I pootled to the top, 679th fastest on the day (08.38) - note to self - lose more weight and my redline will be faster than pootling.
We regrouped at the top and pushed onto the third feed station. Setting off down the descent I was a way ahead of the others, and they caught me at the foot of the descent. I was on the front, but struggling to maintain pace, until we were caught by a few others and we once again pushed along at 36-40kph on the relative flat.
Arriving at the base of the last kick to the finish line my legs were already cramping, but other slower riders made it more of an obstacle course than a power climb. Again we regrouped at the top and rolled onwards, feeling hopeful of a time under 4 hours, having made good use of drafting.
We finished as a group, with the variations in times due only to rolling across the start and finish line separated by a bike length.

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