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Lent Term 2014

2nd women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (2nd Mays)

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Newnham Short Course (2nd VIIIs)

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Lent Bumps

Bumped by Corpus
Having missed the first day, I was told that we had gained on the start against Pembroke. The girls were keen to go hard off the start, and see if we could inspire a fear-induced crab, or something. Credit to the girls - they tried to do just that. The start was fairly clean, and committed. We moved on Pembroke, a little bit, but it was clear that the boat that mattered was behind us, and closing fast. The girls lifted as Corpus approached, and I think they slowed Corpus' progress, but they were just too good for us. We succumbed just before the road bridge.

This wasn't the result we were hoping for, but it was a good effort, and I'm sure we can give St Edmunds a good run for their money tomorrow. If we can hold them off, we could well have the opportunity to finish Bumps on a high.

Hopefully the cox-box works tomorrow, so we can once again inspire false hope at the proximity of the railway bridge. Courage legs, cursing, and confidence (I couldn't help myself) will be required. (Sam)
From umpiring the crews behind you: Corpus were many lengths ahead of Darwin or Eddies when they bumped you, so if you can keep it together you should be able to move away from them tomorrow. Good luck! (Peter)
Bumped by Darwin
I think this was a better row than yesterday. Not just because we made it further (First Post corner rather than the bridge), but because it looked like the girls gave it absolutely everything. Iain reckoned it was their most consistent row of the week so far.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to hold off another first boat. How damaging the one-boat-rule has been to our Bumps campaign is difficult to quantify, but I can't help feeling that next term should see us more able to compete with the lower first boats. Having seen the heart and commitment in the crew, it remains to commit to a good, hard row tomorrow, and avoid spoonage. It goes without saying that I am proud of the way the girls have performed - I couldn't have asked for more - now let's get a result to take to dinner! (Sam)
Rowed over
I have possibly never been happier to see a green face - it ties closely with rowing over against Queens in my first year. This was a much more assured row-over than that. The girls took distance out of Peterhouse on the start, and had ~20sec at the finish. Fantastic!

I'd like to thank every member of the crew for showing real heart throughout the week. I'm really pretty proud of them. With some training, I can see Mays being a lot different. Ra Ra First and Third! (Sam)
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