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Cambridge Head-2-Head, May Term 2013

A timed headrace in two parts, length 2x2000m.
Sat 4th May

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1st men's VIII, 1st Mays

4th in Category, 6th Overall (+0:42)
Time: 13:32
A rather arhythmic downstream leg and a rate cap meant that we only beat LMBC Lents M1 by 3 seconds. We still beat W1 however, unlike M3... (mt)
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2nd men's VIII, 2nd Mays

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1st women's VIII, 1st Mays

2nd in Category (+0:30)
Time: 15:27
My spirits are always buoyed up by the impression I get from Thornton that W1 are M1's greatest rivals, considering how often we are reminded that they beat us in a race. One day boys, we'll reach our full potential and become worthy sparring partners.

Until then, we must be satisfied with the rest of the women on the Cam.

A good performance for early in term, but perhaps not a brilliant indicator of Bumps speed as it conflicted with BUCS, meaning that many crews were missing their Uni rowers.

As ever in Mays, the wind played a significant part in this race. A swift tailwind made the first leg feel light, though still somewhat restrictive in length. We wound to 34 and settled at about 32, feeling fairly racy if a bit strained. Coming around Ditton fatigue hit and we lost some rhythm and technique. We rolled around and hammered the boat through the corners before getting a grip on the straight again. We had a push for the finish, but mindful of the second leg, didn't go for a wind.

The rain which marked the break in between races brought many strong comments about British weather, and we scrambled back into the boat as the clouds broke and the sun returned.

We strode to a strong, stable 32 which Fletch thought was 28, but didn't manage to hold it for the whole course. Regular updates from Yining about Clare in front of us spurred us on to push through the burning in our legs, but sadly mid-race injuries and loss of effective work and catches in the headwind meant we rowed a fairly contained second leg. On the reach our rate dropped to about 30, and though pressure briefly brought it back up to 32 for the finish, we need to be looking to higher rates for the adrenaline and madness of Mays. (Julia A.)
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3rd men's VIII, 3rd Mays

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's College VIIIs</h4><p>Mays 1<br /> <pre> Downing M1 04:50 Pembroke M1 04:57 King's M1 04:58 Queens' M1 05:01 Clare M1 05:02 Trinity Hall M1 05:05 Christ's M1 05:06 Emmanuel M1 05:08 <b>FaT M1 05:10</b> Jesus M1 05:12 Girton M1 05:16 Fitzwilliam M1 05:17 Magdalene M1 05:24 </pre><br /> <br /> Mays 2<br /> <pre> Peterhouse M1 04:52 Selwyn M1 05:00 LMBC M2 05:03 Queens' M2 05:03 Robinson M1 05:11 Churchill M1 05:13 Christ's M2 05:14 Jesus M2 05:16 Clare M2 05:18 Sidney Sussex M1 05:19 Downing M2 05:21 Caius M2 05:23 Wolfson M1 05:25 FaT M2 05:26 </pre><br /> <br /> Mays 3<br /> <pre> Hughes Hall M1 04:49 Catz M2 05:16 Darwin M1 05:16 Emmanuel M2 05:32 Peterhouse M2 05:41 Magdalene M2 05:42 Emmanuel M3 05:45 King's M2 05:50 Selwyn M2 05:57 Fitzwilliam M2 06:15 </pre><br /> <br /> Mays 4<br /> <pre> Churchill M2 05:22 Catz M3 05:34 Darwin M2 05:57 Downing M3 06:03 <b>FaT M4 06:51</b> </pre><br /> <br /> Mays 5/6<br /> <pre> Queens' M4 05:34 Darwin Fellows 05:49 Magdalene M3 06:13 </pre></p><h4>Women's College VIIIs</h4><p>Mays 1<br /> <pre> Caius W1 05:34 Downing W1 05:38 Clare W1 05:39 Emmanuel W1 05:44 Jesus W1 05:47 Christ's W1 05:51 <b>FaT W1 05:57</b> Girton W1 05:59 Peterhouse W1 06:00 Catz W1 06:04 Pembroke W1 06:04 Queens' W1 06:05 Selwyn W1 06:10 Magdalene W1 06:12 </pre><br /> <br /> Mays 2<br /> <pre> MEBC W1 05:58 Churchill W1 06:20 Darwin W1 06:27 Fitz W1 06:29 Sidney W1 06:32 Clare W2 06:37 Downing W2 06:44 Caius W2 06:58 </pre><br /> <br /> Mays 3<br /> <pre> MEBC W2 06:06 Wolfson W1 06:12 Girton W2 06:35 Queens' W2 06:38 Catz W2 06:49 Magdalene W2 07:11 Selwyn W2 07:12 </pre><br /> <br /> Mays 4<br /> <pre> King's W2 06:24 Peterhouse W2 06:44 Fitz W2 06:46 MEBC W3 06:46 Queens' W3 06:52 Churchill W2 06:59 King's W3 07:16 </pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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