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Lent Term 2013

Mixed VIIIs

Cardinal's Regatta (8+), LBC VIII

1st round
Beat Trinity Hall 2 (Ninjas)
Pre-race fancy dress consisted of Sam saying 'shall we strip?' and Daisy vocally approving... Nobody on the bank was very impressed (this may have led to us starting the last race a length down), although many crews did comment that at the very least they could admire our bravery.

Sophia did not almost eject off the start, so the race began a triumph compared to the practice, even if Sam did have to tell the whole of stroke side to put less power down... Sadly, Jason at stroke couldn't bring the rate up to the c. 47 we'd promised beforehand, but whatever we settled on proved strong enough that Dougall felt he could row inside arm only as we passed David Ponting in order to 'pose' for the camera. The pink house has never felt so far away (in such a heavy boat) but Tit Hall were never in danger of pulling it back, so we won comfortably. (John)
2nd round
Beat Churchill (Cardinals with Pope)
There was a very long gap between races in which Daisy made friends with a stranger who seemed quite taken with the way our boat had raced, and who offered her chocolate he happened to have unwrapped in his pocket...

The race, when it finally came, was very similar to the previous one, albeit with slightly less posing, and rather less composure. There was also no 'stroke side quiche NOW!' call off the start... The pink house remained much further away than it had any right to, but we still won by a way. (John)
Quarter finals
Lost to Robinson (Sheep)
All our desperate pleas couldn't persuade the umpires that stripping off definitely counted for more than simply wearing a fluffy hat; combined with Robinson's bribery we were a length down before the start.

Apparently we gained on them off the start, then went a bit wild, the rowing wasn't great, and our massive 5 girl caught an overhead crab (from which she recovered extremely quickly); this eliminated the small progress we'd made and we finished about the length down that we started. Had we started fairly, we reckon we would have won, so next time there's a mixed regatta with arbitrary scratch crews...

Losing this race came with mixed emotions: on the one hand, we felt we could have won had the race been fair, and nobody every wants to lose; on the other, we stood to lose 4 members of our crew had we actually had to keep racing that day, so maybe losing fairly was the preferable option to mid-regatta scratching... (John)
Do I detect a hint of jealousy in the report above of my fantastic catch and massive puddles (which were, of course, commended by our brilliant cox)? Alas, I was so good that the one-second overhead crab probably only made us go faster... (Yining)
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