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Mich Term 2012

Coxed Quadruple sculls

Christmas Head (4x+), Yeah Sam, Beast!

Fastest College Coxed Quad
Time: 9:19
Having scared the shit out of the J17 girl starting ahead of us on the row down through the immensity of our bowman, a rather concerned looking coach came to ask us if we would like to go off one place early. Naturally we declined the offer, preferring instead to spend the maximum amount of time marshalling in the freezing cold so as to give us an excuse should we be beaten by a novice 1x. We compromised, promising to give her a huge gap such that we would not have to overtake. Thanks to our cox's game of chicken with the inside of Chesterton however, we caught up rather quickly and so took the rate down 22. We wound for the finish once we had a clear line, but the ridiculous marshalling situation had done its damage. Next year we shall endeavour to request a change of division time to June so as to avoid another farce. (Thornton)
Thanks to Sam's great lines and our massive back swing, we came in all of First and Third and last place. The race was pretty enjoyable, ignoring Thornton's ridiculous amount of splash that instantly reduced me to a block of ice at the finish line. I will forever remember this race as the one that should've-earned-me-my-likely-one-and-only-sculling-point. (Yining)

1. Bowbeast getting the...
2. Winding up from 22 f...

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