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Mich Term 2012

2nd men's VIII

Cambridge Autumn Head (College VIIIs), Jonathan's Sister

Fastest in College 2nd VIII category
Time: 10:00
Considering the fact that we have not yet done much high-rate work, we managed to maintain our composure well throughout. I think the three phase race plan was effective, particularly with the emphasis on process, process, and more process in the painful middle section of the race. There were a couple of slight wobbles, but what was really positive to see was that each time a call was made to correct them, we managed to reset back to the solid base we have been working on in the last couple of weeks.

Thornton's tactical crashes to make sure that we didn't embarrass the other VIII by beating them were also effective (and were nothing to do with the dodgy rudder setup at all). Overall, good work boys!

(We also won pots, and the other VIII didn't, so ha) (R.J.C. Stroud)
After the cock up entering our "matched" VIIIs into separate categories, being the crew with the slower erg we took up the mantle of M2 hungry for victory. An earlier outing in the week had demonstrated that, if we all committed, the rowing wasn't terrible and so we were determined to go all out and show Jonathan's Mother what we were capable of. That's exactly what we did. We took it straight up to 31 into the start and sat there for the course. Ahead of us, a Champs IM3 8+...not for long. By Ditton they were very much in our way and refusing to/failing the understand the need to move wide. We took a good half a length in the corner then sat there for a while. After a responsive reset for a steering mishap we moved up to 1/3 length advantage coming to the kink. Needing to cross we upped the pressure and walked the rest of the way through them in ~15 strokes. Off the bridge, phase 3: gun it, straight line to the finish...almost. After recovering from another steering mishap around the P&E, we began to lift it for the finish and crossed the line with a time just 5 seconds behind Jonathan's Mother, a gentle reminder that ergs don't float. (Thornton)
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Cambridge Winter Head (Student Senior VIIIs)

20th of 25 M Student Senior VIIIs
Time: 9:24:00
The sunglasses were put on, and we headed for the start. A solid rhythm and level platform made the wind up easy, getting to race pace in good time. Downing M1, however, decided to start only 3 lengths behind. This made for an interesting time down Plough Reach - where their cox decided to follow my rather erratic steering off the line, as opposed to taking the line they were (apparently) screaming at me to concede. 10 lengths off Ditton Downing had overlap, forcing us to the outside. The boys did a brilliant job here, making Downing work hard for the overtake. With our mega-sharp catches scaring the rowers, and the interlocking blades scaring the cox we managed to only lose 2 seats round Ditton. Onto the Reach Downing pulled away, leaving us in peace (and some wash). A strong row up the Reach was followed by a fabulous wind from the railway bridge. A reasonable time given circumstance, and looking forward to kicking some Queens' ass in Fairbairns. (A. Manion)
We had a fairly solid start despite the fact that Downing M1 decided to start about 3 lengths behind us, making this rather more like a bumps race than winter head(!), and we managed to hold them until the first corner, at which point they closed in on us. However, following a terrible line by their cox around grassy, we held them at around a length for most of plough reach. They eventually began to overtake us around Ditton, which perhaps took longer than it should have. Once they had pulled away on the reach, we had a slight wobble in their wash, before having an effective technical re-focus and getting back on with the race. Coming under the railway bridge, we entered our final phase and began our wind to the finish. We ended up at only rate 34, but it was a pretty decent 34 with awesome cover. The p and e definitely seemed to have been moved further upstream than normal for the race!

I reckon we lost a fair bit of time here because of Downing messing around, but regardless, I think M2 should have high hopes as we begin our final preparation for Fairbairns! (R.J.C. Stroud)
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Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs)

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