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Peterborough Summer Regatta, Summer 2012

Welsh pair, Welsh Pair (IM2 2-)

Coxless pairs
in Amartya Sen
bow Peter Ford str Matthew Griffiths
Won by a length?
Time: 3:50
We made this a lot harder than it needed to be; at about 300m I realised we were on a strong pace and moving away, so called down 2 to save energy. I was hoping for a long relaxed rhythm, but instead we took it down a bit, rowed worse, and had to work just as hard to stay a length ahead of Leicester. This led to a very ugly wind in the last 250 to hold onto our length lead, which later turned out to be irrelevant; the umpire at the start who announced "first to final, 2nd to rep, 3rd eliminated" turned out to be wrong, and we were both many lengths clear of the Vet E+ pair in 3rd. (Peter)
Lost by 1.5 lengths?
Time: 3:42
After the experience of the previous round, and from racing various people down the reach, I was aware we didn't have a particularly effective sprint available. As such, even sitting on quite a nice 36 (?) through the middle of this final and leading 2nd and 3rd by a little over a length at 500m, I was worried we didn't have enough lead; calls for increased pressure at the same rate were variously not heard and ineffective, so when Lea visibly lifted the rate at 300m to go we were a little under a length ahead, and they quickly moved out to lead us by a length at 100m out.
When we heard the hooter as they crossed the line we essentially stopped rowing, so the result was exaggerated a little, but other than that I didn't think we did a huge amount wrong in the race. Not fast enough. (Peter)

1. Wind! Hmm, that didn...
2. I'm winning... time ...
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