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Cambridge Autumn Regatta, Summer 2012

Miscellaneous men's IVs (Oxford/Cambridge challenge)

Miscellaneous men's IVs
bow Peter Ford 2 Matthew Griffiths
3 Ali Abbasi str Richard Fletcher

Coxed by: Julia Attwood

Beat Hertford College
We were so scared of Hertford after our IM3 drubbing that we decided to upgrade our original crew and drop in Matt and Ali; apologies to Simon and Thomas, I think we would probably have managed the win with the original crew. We had just been pretty slow while still hungover...

Although we seemed to be doing effective things in the water, the bladework was shoddy and on the paddle up it was by far the least stable "good" crew I've ever been in. Fletcher decided that 48 was a good rate to start at, although Ali (having not been in a boat for a while) was struggling to keep up; we moved quite convincingly on Hertford off the start, and they then oscillated between half a length and a length behind us. Julia then decided to make it slightly more exciting by crashing into the bank as we crossed the line; apparently cross-wind + small person at bow + strokeside never putting their blades in at the front made it quite hard to keep straight...

We collected our pots, drank our complimentary cans of Carlsberg, and rowed back considerably better than we had in the paddle out; it was up for debate whether this was due to remembering how to row as time went on, or the relaxing effects of the beer taking away some of the twitchiness. (Peter)

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