The Club's Results

Summer 2012

1st women's IV

Peterborough Summer Regatta (W IM3 4+)

Failed to reach final by 0.6s
Time: 4:28
An unfortunate first off cam race for Angela. Off the start it was clear we weren't the fastest crew in the heat, but it looked like we might not be the slowest. We sat about one seat up on Sheffield for the majority of the race, maybe taking another temporarily during a push around 500m. But in the end we lacked cohesion and we suffered for it. With no second gear for the finish, we lost our lead over Sheffield and came 4th. Seeing as we had nothing else to do, we naturally decided to have an outing. Subbing Adam Dougall at stroke we went a-paddling. We only nearly capsized twice in the process. (Thornton)
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Peterborough Summer Sprint (W IM3 4+)

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