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Lent Bumps 2012

3rd women's VIII

Coxed by: Katherine Olley

Rowed over
After about 90 seconds, and for no obvious reason, LMBC III mounted the bank (the meadow-side, just past the outflow) in a painstakingly deliberate manoeuvre with more instalments than a Didier Drogba dive. Extraordinary (I would say "lolmaggie" but I'm a bit old for that - perhaps someone could oblige).

One member of this crew (despite naturally having obeyed the "ten outings" rule) had done "a bit of sculling at school several years ago" and precisely one tubbing session's worth of sweep rowing, yet fitted in seamlessly and contributed to a very solid row all round. I don't think I can adequately convey how impressed I was with this. (Neil T)
I don't think being 19 counts as 'old' in this sense, so: lolmaggie (Rebecca)
Bumped by Anglia Ruskin II
Not much to say here really - a late drop-out and futile attempts to find a sub meant we had to scratch. Hopefully we'll race tomorrow; given their easy ride so far (bumping a crashed Maggie boat on the first day), Anglia Ruskin W2 deserve a decent chase. Hopefully, having not yet made it even close to the motorway bridge, their fitness will be lacking and their egos will be overinflated. (Rebecca)
Bumped by St. Catharine's II
There was not much the crew could have done about the result today. Catz II were quite a quick crew for their position on the river and moved up very quickly from the start to make contact at the Motorway Bridge. (Richard)
Anglia Ruskin were slow, we were quick, Catz were quicker. (Rebecca)
Bumped by Christ's III
A gutsy start but unfortunately Christ's W3 were faster. However, although we have been bumped down three times (and although things probably would have been different if we could have rowed on Wednesday), I think we can still call this a successful bumps campaign, as
a) We are the second fastest W3 on the river
b) We are the best ever Lents FaT W3
c) We didn't get spoons
These are all things to be proud of, so well done girls! (Rebecca)
Almost an action replay of yesterday. Christ's moved up rapidly to make contact just before the motorway bridge. It's disappointing not to finish the week as top W3 crew, but at least they're higher than Maggie W3! (Richard)
Excellent work girls - for a start it's brilliant to have a FaT W3 in Lents and not finishing arse of the river is a massive win... not that I didn't have a ball doing so :) Definitely a sign of bigger and better things to come. (Charley)

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