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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2012

3rd women's VIII

Coxed by: Katherine Olley

Got on - 13th in division 3
So we went into this race having been severely affected by the ice and snow of mid February and not having had as many outings as we would have liked over the weeks. However, we did have a crew who were either experienced, keen or both.

On the paddle up it became clear that the boat was a lot more sat than it should be for a crew of mixed abilities, and travelling really quite fast too. This gave us confidence for the race, and we went off hard and fast and pulling away from the Maggie W3 behind us. A few pushes through the corners and down the reach and we crossed the finish line.

We went off too far behind Emma W3 to really know if we were ever gaining on them, but that doesn't really matter as we start 13th in division 3 and they start 18th. Maggie never seemed to make much (if any) distance on us, which is promising given that they are behind us for bumps.

All in all a great row, and a brilliant (if slightly unexpected - given the levels of training) result. (Rebecca)
Since our W2 bailed out of the Getting on Race and didn't steal any rowers, we had a nice full strong crew.

For some reason the crews were sent off in starting order, which meant that 30 crews had to spin and queue at the Lock, and we all know how coxing in bottom women's divisions is. Luckily it was a beautiful calm day, so serious carnage was avoided and the marshalling itself quite enjoyable.

The girls set off nice and strong with stern pair's blades approximately in bow pair's puddles, but as the pain kicked in around first post we lost any cover. Pushes out of the corners worked really well and recovered some of the rythm, which manifested in the distance from LMBC III behind us.

The commitment was definitely there, but Rachel insists, and I agree that we would have been better off with more cover at a slightly lower rate. It would be ideal if we could get the relaxation on the slide in the few outings before Bumps without pressure dropping off.

Time to start binning lectures and rearranging supervisions. With exceptionally little water time this term, W3 can make up a lot of distance in 3 outings. Seeing as the order is based on the Getting on Race, this means - BUMPS! (Nina)

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