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Lent Term 2012

3rd women's IV

Cambridge Head-2-Head (College 4s)

Second (of two...)
Time: 20:18
So there were two boats in our category, us and a Churchill W1 IV. Given that we'd never trained together (Janina subbing and switching sides at the last minute) and that we'd had a not-so-good outing in a racing shell the previous day, we decided to use the Coastal, to the amusement of all of us and probably everyone else too.

Going off, we already knew we were likely to lose, so we thought we'd have some fun with it. Our boat may have been designed for the sea, but we rowed her like she owned the Cam. The first leg was good, with a time of 9:56, and throughout the rate stayed high and we stayed committed. The second leg was a bit more painful but, although we had the slower time of 10:22, this was actually the same time as Churchill's W1, so well done everyone!

As we pushed off, Ulrike told us to "make that bath tub fly, girls!" and I think this proves we did just that. (Rebecca)
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