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Mich Term 2011

First and Third 1st XI

FaT v BPBC Football Challenge (Football XI)

4 - 4 Draw
FaT resorted to its age old tradition of using ringers to gain an advantage over Black Prince. With the conversion of Neil Talbott and John D'Arcy to First and Third the sides were fairly even.
Going into half time BPBC led by a goal at 2-1. However FaT pushed hard in the second half, first levelling the score and then drawing ahead, only for Black Prince to push back each time, levelling the score twice.

Subs used, (Pope for Croft, Talbott for Attwood, D'Arcy for Pope)

Scorers: Talbott (1-1), Ford (2-2), Mitchard (3-2), Leach (4-3) (Thomas)
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