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Mich Term 2011

2nd men's novice VIII

Cambridge Winter Head (Student Beginner VIIIs)

6th Cambridge College Novice VIII
Time: 10:39
We set off with a good rhythm, perhaps a slower rate than we were capable of, but it stayed at roughly the same rate for the whole race. Titan somehow managed to get around grassy and the other corners were all taken well, especially given that the rudder is bent.

When we got passed Ditton the fearsome/handsome sight of us cruising around the corner onto the reach caused the Maggie women in front to promptly crash. We then overtook and powered through to the finish. We were promised bunting for the finish line, instead we only got a piece of string with six letters attached. The Maggie women were so disappointed that they easied 50 metres before the finish and then crashed again.

This was a good solid row and it is looking very promising for Fairbairns. (S. Evans)
lol Maggie... (Swords)
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Clare Novice Regatta (Cup)

1st round
Beat Homerton A Easily
As the margin increased, so did the composure and the quality of the rowing. A good first effort. (Neil T)
2nd round
Lost to Caius by 1 length
This was a really tough second round draw but a committed and impressive row in which Caius were pushed all the way. Very promising for next week and I'm certain these guys will have the measure of plenty of 1st novice VIIIs. With a couple more practice outings to work on timing at higher rates a top 10 placing in Novice Fairbairns is a realistic target. (Neil T)
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Novice Fairbairn Cup (2nd division)

19th, 2nd NM2
Time: 10:39
I thought this was our best row of the term. We set off at a high rate and managed to maintain it throughout the race. Although we had some bad strokes, we recovered quickly after each one. Miraculously, all of Titan's footplates stayed in place and only one velcro strap came undone. When we got to the reach Em called for more pressure, and I could hear several voices yelling to my right. I thought we had caught up with Pembroke NM 2 and were racing them to the finish -- which certainly would have happened if Em hadn't taken so long getting us straight at the start. After the horn I realized it was our very own NM 1 who were shouting encouragement from the bank. Thanks for the support guys! (Steven)

1. NM2 crew photo

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