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May Term 2011

2nd women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (3rd Mays)

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May Bumps

Bumped by Pembroke III
Good start, stayed together but they just happened to be faster and caught us at First Post Corner. Kudos to Alex for not conceding until the very end :) onto tomorrow! (Rebecca)
Bumped by Selwyn II
There's not a huge amount to say really, given the race was over so quickly. We weren't great and we know we can be good, but neither were we absolute gash and despite holding station with Pembroke, Selwyn caught us just after the motorway bridge. That's pretty much all there is to it. (Rebecca)
Rowed over
Selwyn were inevitably going to bump Pembroke ahead of us, so we knew all along we'd be chasing the overbump. Up to First Post the two crews behind Catz seemed to be closing on them but eventually bumped out, leaving us to escape. Catz weren't slow and got within about three quarters of a length on the first corner but (for once) we didn't panic and got away. We responded well to their pushes down Plough Reach and came off the better of the two in the headwind on the reach. We ploughed on under the railway bridge and into Chesterton a good three lengths ahead, as noone seemed to have any idea where the finish line actually was.

Great row for all involved and many thanks to Katie for subbing! (Rebecca)

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2. At the Catch
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