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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls, Lent Term 2011

A timed sculling race for singles, doubles and pairs over a course from Little Bridge to Peter's Posts, run by First and Third.
Tue 15th March

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A.J. Pope / J.D. Fuhrmann (Girton), CUL Spare Pair, Men's pairs

1st of 3
Time: 10:01
Jon and I have been training as the CUL spare pair quite a while, so this race was pretty much a good excuse for a long piece for us. Having raced Winter League a few days previous, both good and bad corner lines were in my head and I wasn't sure what would appear today. The row up to the start was not our greatest, but I think I was just intimidated by all the marshals - including Swords and Gonzo indicating where I would crash 50m from the finish!

After a bit of a curvy start, Jon and I settled to a decent race rhythm moving down 1st post reach. My line around the first corner was decent, quickly followed by the widest line around grassy I have ever taken. Happily, we recovered and made good time past the Plough. Seeing our main competition much further away down the Reach than they were at the start was encouraging enough to almost lead us into the bank where Swords had predicted. Luckily, we had an awesome banksteerer in Emily Hopkinson (Selwyn), cheering us along the entire way and making sure there was no crashing.

Happy with the result, more to come for SBR! (Allen)
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PWF in his single scull, Shell

Time: 10:55
In spite of my lack of recent sculling (12k of paddling around with Allen's pair being pretty much everything from the last month), this was one of the best races I've had in a single in the last 4 years. I've almost always struggled to keep the hands moving and race at the rate I want to over short distances, but with a chunky tailwind to drag me along, I stayed up at a reasonably sprightly 34 and battered my way down the course. The other encouraging sign was that I managed to feel like death 500m in but stay strong (I think) to the finish; a lot of pieces in the boat recently I've dramatically mispaced, in one direction or the other.
If I got fit and learnt to finish in time, it might almost be worth doing some racing with two blades again.

NB Racing the advertised course, little bridge to Peter's Posts (Peter)
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