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Mich Term 2010

2nd women's IV

Cambridge Autumn Head (Senior IV)

Well, as a rule, if you throw 4 fairly decent rowers into a four, it tends to go pretty badly at first. If you then do a race at 22, you tend to go quite slowly. However, we beat a CUWBC quad, by a solid 11 minutes, so we are clearly immensely rapid. (Swords)
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University IVs (1st division), Tall Four

1st round
Lost to Newnham - About 3 lengths
Pretty soundly beaten by a decent Newnham IV. We rowed alright, although a bit short into an headwind. We were on the towpath side, which was probably slightly favoured. We went about half a length down pretty soon, and by the kink there was almost clear water at which point, at which point Newnham decided to abandon all lane discipline, and move to the right and wash us down. We traded moves and Newnham steadily moved away, despite taking arguably the most adventerous line I've ever seen. In the end they were just a lot bigger than us. (Swords)
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Fairbairn Cup - IVs (College IVs)

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