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University IVs 2010

Short Four! (1st division)

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1st round
Lost to Sidney (equipment failure)
Time: 6:26
It was a stressful start with a lot of wind and tapping to get into position on the reach. Sidney gave us a scare off the first few strokes, taking an early lead. I air-stroked, which threw off the balance and then saw Raf's blade running parallel to the boat next to me. Emma called us to easy and I turned around to see Raf holding her blade, which had come completely out of the gate. It took me a minute to process why the blade was swinging so close to my shoulder, and why we were stopped. Sidney gamely carried on racing, but having come to a halt, we felt it was futile to keep going.

We were hoping for a re-row, as we were all keen, but ended up having to race the clock down the reach (which is where the above time comes from). All credit to Sidney for a win with probably the greatest margin in the history of Uni IVs, and apologies we couldn't give you a proper race!

HUGE thanks to our continental bank party. Merci to Masset for the encouragement, confidence boost and jaffa cakes. Thanks to Ulrike for pointers and support during the piece. And finally a big thank you to Raf's lovely parents for the french cheerleading! Much appreciated. :) (Julia A.)

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