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Mich Term 2009

4th men's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (2nd division)

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Clare Novice Regatta (Plate)

2nd round
Lost to Caius NM2 (easily)
A rather unfortunate draw, coming up against the second novice boat of one of the better college clubs.

Given the disruption to our training from weather conditions and illness, it was a promising first race performance. The start was a bit ropey, and Caius went off pretty hard and took a large chunk of lead in the first 300m or so. However, then having recovered from a couple of minor crabs, the rhythm started to get established and the final two thirds of the course looked very committed and strong, and we did start to make up quite a bit of ground on Caius.

In the end it was too little too late, but some effective rhythm calls from Alex coupled with some formidable committment from the boat certainly looked impressive from the bank towards the end of the race. If we had managed to do the entire race like that, who knows what the result could have been, and it's definitely encouraging as we head towards Fairbairns.

Thanks to Alex for subbing in as coxwain at the last minute and doing a great job, and to Alison and Swords for joining our bankparty. (Tom L)
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Novice Fairbairn Cup (2nd division)

52nd, 1st NM4
Time: 11:58.6
YEAH BUDDY! Our decision to rate reasonably low (about 24) with the aim of maintaining length seems to have paid off. Top 4th VIII by quite a margin, and almost embarassing NM3. Brilliant work guys.

Gopal got us into a good rhythm off the start, and the first half of the race went reasonably to plan, with good long strokes still happening into our push out of Chesterton. There was a slightly scary moment outside the P&E where middle 4 seemed to simultaneously crab, perhaps having taken my advice to 'follow the man in front' a little too seriously, but we managed to recover impressively and continue rowing in time with outside 4. With an effective up 2 call from Derek into the final quarter, we stormed across the line.

I'm really proud of this boat, in a way I probably wouldn't quite have been had I not been rowing with you. The feel in that boat was utterly immense - there was a great sense of committment to really working together throughout. It still isn't perfect - there are technical issues, there are timing issues, but you all definitely rose to the occasion it was a real pleasure to be part of this crew for the race. Bring on Lent Bumps :).

Thanks massively to Derek for coxing at the last minute and to Allen, Preeyan and Alison for their support and assistance from the bank. I'll aim to repay the favour tomorrow to Allen and Preeyan if possible, and I hope lots of NM4 will feel the same and turn up to watch. (Tom L)
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