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Cambridge Small Boats Head, Mich Term 2008

Coxless pairs (S2 2-)

Coxless pairs
in Amartya Sen
bow Peter Ford str John Kiely
13th of 147 overall
Time: 11:40
One day this pair will win something...
We didn't row particularly well, and were probably a bit put off by the wind, and a general lack of rowing over the previous months. The pair that beat us were chasing, and looked like they might overtake around the middle of the reach. We pushed away a bit, and when they crashed in to a swan and kayaker an epic finish looked like enough to win. I still think we did, but results disagree, by 4 seconds. It's a shame, but considering we were only beaten by that little due to their lack of steering, it seems fair, though I liked the pots from this much more than those from autumn head the week later. (John)
As John said, jumping into the pair a few days before the race having spent the summer facing the right (wrong) way with twice as many blades attached to my oar didn't make for particularly classy rowing, but it wasn't too bad. Looking back on the results, it looks a bit better than I thought at the time; I thought we might lose to Ros Bradbury the way we were rowing 2 days before, but we put 35s on her in the end.
The rowing was on the whole rather better than it had been last summer, with reasonable timing and the boat going relatively straight throughout the drive phase. However, it turned out that the Broxbourne pair chasing were fairly fast and took a lot out of us, looking like they might overtake on the reach. We got a co-ordinated push together and held them steady for a while, and then after the P&E it suddenly looked like we might be back in the race. The Broxbourne threw away most of the 20s they'd gained by crashing into a moored boat and a swan, and narrowly avoiding some kayakers, but they extracted themselves with just enough time to cross the line and beat us by a few seconds.

Hopefully we can find some race sometime in the future where we've both been training, aren't ill, and have been in the boat together for a while and finally get round to picking up a pot. (Peter)

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