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Mich Term 2008

1st women's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (1st division)

11th of 37 1st division crews
Time: 15:45.1
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Cambridge Winter Head (Student Beginner VIIIs)

10th in Student Novice VIIIs
Time: 14:16
A solid row from NW1 in their first race. We saw some very tidy rowing and stretches with very good boat speed. Unfortunately we did not quite have the consistency to keep this up for all of the race, resulting in the loss to four other college novice crews. The good bits, and indeed Tom's line around the corners, were very encouraging and we'll just have to eliminate mistakes to be very competitive. (P.M. Preiss)
Hear hear. Given that it was only our second outing rowing all eight, a fantastic row from all. We perhaps sagged a little through the middle of the race so need to work on pushing hard when the going gets tough, but we still have a couple of weeks to go until the big novice races. With a little (or a lot!) of training this could go very well indeed. The foundations of a pretty rapid crew are there - we just need to get some solid water time in. (R.J. Fletcher)

1. A bit messy around G...
2. Tidy on the Way to t...

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Clare Novice Regatta (Cup)

1st round
Lost to Selwyn A with canvas overlap
A very disappointing result for such a strong, coordinated crew against such a weak crew.

An early crab in the start was quickly corrected, but it had caused an irreversible seat failure meaning the majority of the course was rowed in sixes. To then lose with overlap shows how strong and able the crew was - expect a comeback for Novice and Senior Fairbairns! (Mark)
What a gutting morning - we went hard off the start but a crab (which was quickly recovered from) resulted in the seat coming off. We rowed the course in sixes, maintaining overlap for the whole race. This showed some real grit and determination, not to mention terrific rowing. Some totally inappropriate celebrations from the Selwyn boat were a shame. Well done girls - bad luck really hit us hard there. We look now to Fairbairns, and I am totally confident of a great performance.

There are always more races to win. (R.J. Fletcher)
A breathtaking effort from our crew.

After a (very unlikely and rare) crab around the second stroke of the start, Selwyn gained a quick length and a half as we struggled to recover the rhythm, and it quickly became apparent we were going to be rowing without two of our strongest members owing to a seat failure.

A lesser crew would have thrown in the towel, but the remaining six had established a good race pace, and after the first push were gaining on a flagging Selwyn crew. The remainder of the race we were steadily shortening the gap, making at least two seats with every push. If the course had been another 200m I seriously think we would have beaten them.

So it's not the result we wanted, and Selwyn's jubilant celebrations at having beaten 3/4 a crew were bordering on offensive, but it was a stunning performance and a race I'll remember for a long time. (Tom)

1. Bow Four Freezing
2. In good spirits befo...
3. 4, 5 & 6

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Novice Fairbairn Cup (1st division)

Time: 11:50.21
You never stop learning! Until today I believed that the "Railings" was the little bridge about 25 strokes downstream of the railway bridge. It turns out it's actually a hedge a further 200m down the reach, so I had to hit NW1 with a surprise call for "only one extra minute" after we'd gone through the whole sequence of "go for the line" and "empty the tanks" under the railway bridge. Sorry about that!

The girls coped well though, and had a very committed row. It was good to see everyone putting in the right aggression and dedication, finding a good hard rythm that should help for tomorrow. The lines round corners and subsequent pushes were great, the only thing missing was a bit of finesse and posture, making the boat look heavy in places. The time is probably close to the fastest we could have expected - however not quite fast enough to be amongst the top colleges. At the end of the day one has to acknowledge the other colleges' achievements, particularly Maggie's and Anglia Ruskin's, but every member of this crew should be very satisfied with today's performance. Let's be the fastest 3rd VIII tomorrow! (P.M. Preiss)

1. Morning of Novice Fa...
2. At Chesterton
3. Before the Start

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