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Emma Sprints, Mich Term 2007

500m up the reach. Fancy dress and bribery are recommended!
Sun 18th November

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2nd women's novice VIII, Division 1

1st round
Lost to St. Edmunds
Slower start than the other crew, but that's deliberate so we can get our rhythm together before the pushes. Holding and even gaining just after the start but unfortunately insufficient squaring on the recovery meant we sliced the water several times and we just started to fall back a bit.
On the whole though it was pretty good for most of the race - just need to work on squaring early and fully and everyone really pushing together as a unit when the instruction to do so comes through.
And don't panic when you're next to a crew! Although now that that's out of the way you should be OK for Clare Novices. (Mark)
2nd round
Race cancelled due to wind picking up and creating dangerous racing conditions. (Mark)

1. Cox and stroke looki...
2. Getting ready to pus...
3. NW2 facepainted and ...

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3rd women's novice VIII, Division 1

1st round
"lost" to Robinson W1
an unfortunate combination of the wind, titan's lack of rudder and the other crew's inability to hear the word "go" meant that this was technically a loss (exactly why is still a bit of a mystery to me). but what an awesome start, you really pushed them away with the draw and wind strokes - we just need to learn to keep it together once we hit the stride. overall a nice row, even if we did freeze to death in the wind and get yelled at by random-angry-man-in-boat.

if you girls can hold off a first crew then just think about what you could do at fairbairns!! the pipecleaner antennae must be worn again :) (Kristina)
It was bad luck that we 'lost'. But for probably the first time in the history of Emma Sprints I was told that we could make a formal complaint as it was a really tough call!!
The start was really good, you looked calm and worked really well together. The second half of the race was not quite so good and the timing was a bit all over the place, but still good work. Was great to see you finish first, even if you didnt officialy win :)
You should all be proud of you first on the water race!! (Alex)

1. NW3 outside the boat...

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4th men's novice VIII, Division 1

1st round
Beat Girton NW1 by 2 Lengths
A heavy wind meant that starting was messy. Timing was poor at the start but came together about 15 strokes into the race. The Girton Women started about 1 length ahead and took another half a length off us before bow crabbed irreversibly.

We then steadily gained on them passing them about halfway along the course and pushed off them to the finish line.

Overall a winning row, but with definite room for improvement if we are going to take on the opposition at clare novice regatta. (Thomas)
2nd round
Race cancelled due to wind meaning that it was too dangerous to row. (Thomas)
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