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Mich Term 2007

3rd women's novice VIII

Emma Sprints (Division 1)

1st round
"lost" to Robinson W1
an unfortunate combination of the wind, titan's lack of rudder and the other crew's inability to hear the word "go" meant that this was technically a loss (exactly why is still a bit of a mystery to me). but what an awesome start, you really pushed them away with the draw and wind strokes - we just need to learn to keep it together once we hit the stride. overall a nice row, even if we did freeze to death in the wind and get yelled at by random-angry-man-in-boat.

if you girls can hold off a first crew then just think about what you could do at fairbairns!! the pipecleaner antennae must be worn again :) (Kristina)
It was bad luck that we 'lost'. But for probably the first time in the history of Emma Sprints I was told that we could make a formal complaint as it was a really tough call!!
The start was really good, you looked calm and worked really well together. The second half of the race was not quite so good and the timing was a bit all over the place, but still good work. Was great to see you finish first, even if you didnt officialy win :)
You should all be proud of you first on the water race!! (Alex)

1. NW3 outside the boat...

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Novice Fairbairn Cup (2nd division), Coached by Sarah Stoneman and Christian Mertes

45th women's 8+ overall, 3rd third 8+
Time: 14:04.13
Facts first:

3rd third eight,

Beat 5 first eights (Sidney, Peterhouse, King's, Homerton and Tit Hall)

Beat 6 second eights (New hall, Peterhouse, Homerton, Tit Hall, Downing and St. catz)

I'd say that's a pretty solid result (although Disney 2 did beat Disney 1). Anyway as far as the race went:

The marshal said go we didn't. He looked perplexed Kristina sorted herself out with a little too much interference from my side I have to admit. Set off on Kristina's go, straight into the bank, the reasons being 3fold: me interfering , Kristina not being straight and half of strokeside airstroking on the first stroke (that was a mouthful).

We pushed off in front of Jesus boat house and wound it straight from there. As a result we weren't quite up to speed at the start line. Didn't matter to much though because the crew settled into a good rhythm coming out under Emma Footbridge. The push out of QE Bridge worked well bringing the boat back up to speed so that by the Willow tree we were only 10s down on NW2. We more or less held that till Chesterton FB where we were 15s down. A big lift on the legs once we were straight sent us off towards the railway B. This was the best push off the race with a massive change in boatspeed.

Having done pretty well until then, we lost a lot of time between the P&E and the railway B. Me staying on meadowside and almost falling off my bike in the mud probably didn't help. At the railway B we were suddenly almost 50s down on NW2. A last hard push out of the bridge sent us onto the reach where a motivational "I can see the boat in front (Homerton W2, who we beat)" came from Kristina. The wind to the finish was good, some solid power in the water as far as I could see from the bank. Only downside: we crossed the line 1 min slower than NW2 and with Kristina couting down strokes and getting to the number 6, oh well better luck next time.

All in all a good race and I think NW3 can be really proud of their time.

One last point: we did have a couple of minor crabs from Louise at stroke + 2 complete overheads from her, one just after QE bridge and one on the reach, funnily enough the two parts where we didn't actually loose that much time. (S.C. Mertes)
i think christian's said it all! :) i just wanted to add that i've had such a great time coxing you all, you've made novicing the 2nd time round so much fun!! sorry for all the crashes along the way but hey, we made it round chesterton in one piece woop woop!! remember to push for the calories (700 an hour!)/doughnuts/thomases and hope to see lots of you back next term :) (Kristina)

1. Why can't he just lo...
2. Still huddling...
3. Post race huddling

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