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Mich Term 2007

3rd men's IV

Cambridge Winter Head (Student Senior IVs), Men's IV+ 'C', Formerly the 4 of glory, now the banter boat.

4th in Student Senior IVs
Time: 9:55
Rate dropped as usual and the boat felt a little heavy but on the whole not a bad row considering Andrew had a tooth filling 90 % of his mouth and was dosed up on antibiotics / ibuprofen.

got beaten by FAT A (38 sec) and FAT B (21 sec) and Downing (12 sec). Beat everyone else. (S.C. Mertes)
Did we get a time penalty for faffing at the start? The row wasn't bad, and although it felt heavier than normal I thought we went quite quickly, and weren't within 20s of this time. (John)
Actually, FaT B came in first... (Cynthia)
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Fairbairn Cup - IVs (Senior IVs), 4+C

8th, 1st 2nd IV
Time: 11:53.19
A slightly scrappy race, hopefully just overly affected by the hard race earlier in the day; the good bits when we sent the boat away cleanly felt really good, its just a pity they didn't happen often enough. (Peter)
A bit disappointed by the result, although we never expected to win I had hoped to push the other four slightly closer. Tiredness from the other race didn't help, but we had lost the timing that had made us quick at uni IVs, and so didn't let the boat run as freely as we could.
That said, we held rate in the way we hadn't been able to do at winter head, and it was generally good, with plenty of commitment. The standing start probably brightened the marshal's day, but it was messy, a result of not being sure how hard to go off for a longer race. This meant that the next couple of minutes felt underpowered, although it still felt fairly fast. We took the rate up from the railway bridge to do a solid sprint for the finish, but didn't find the extra 2s that would have put us 5th.
Rowing in this four has been really fun, thanks to everyone who put time and effort in to it, and maybe we'll be back next term. (John)

1. 3rd men's IV

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