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Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 2007

"a regatta unlike any other..."
Thu 15th March

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Coxes VIII, Fancy Dress

1st round
Lost to Corpus Christi
We set off amazingly, allowing me to throw in our secret weapon: the domino crab. My fantastic effort was followed up exactly by Rich, Dom and Emma L. Such a spectacular sight has never been seen on the Cam.

This damaged our opposition no end, allowing them to take a length off us. The lengths kept coming off, but we were not fazed, and maintained our crabbing routine to the bitter end. And it was bitter. But Corpus decided that they'd rather go to supervisions than row again, so we were through to the next round.

By the way, good coxing Erica. (Jij)
2nd round
''As if a terrible omen, Prith turned up as we pushed off.'' -TS Eliot, unknown text.

We should have had a headstart of 20 metres - this would have allowed us to push off the CCAT boat for the first 3 strokes, after which point they would have caught us.

Will managed to say 'crackle crackle crackle crackle' all the way through the race, which meant we were malfunctioning slightly. Unfortunately my mastercrab at 2 could only be dominoed on by Rachel, who failed to crab. However, Rich managed. Credit to you boy.

Another [insert word here] row, but we were let down by our LMBC sub, who claimed he had never seen so many shellfish in a boat. Turning was interesting, with LMBC boy describing his mackon as a 'stick', this being the reason why he couldn't pull harder than Emma L. Nonetheless, we are grateful to LMBC boy for aiding us in defeat.

Crew chat was interesting. It involved sugar. Emma S complains bitterly that I always get her wet. THE END. (Jij)
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