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Mich Term 2006

4th men's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (2nd division)

24th in Division 2, 3rd fastest 4th VIII
Time: 14:33.6
These guys are neither the biggest or the strongest guys, however as I told them before the race, they were racing for themselves, to do the best they could do and with most of them pulling personal bests I think they took these words to heart and really gave it everything they could!

Well done guys. (Lorry)
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Emma Sprints

1st round
Lost to Clare by a few lengths
A little bit of inexperience (and hurried marhsalling!) left us still straightening up when go was called, meaning some of us didn't start to row and sending us into the bank - disaster start!

However, the guys got back straight again and really pushed back on Clare before succumbing to some untidy rowing towards the finish.

Nevertheless, an enthusiastic first race. (Andy S.)
2nd round
Lost by a few lengths
A difficult draw against a strong Emma II boat (albeit all dressed as Brokeback Mountain lookalikes) left us trailing, but we kept our heads and rowed a firm race on the way back without any hiccups in starting! (Andy S.)
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Novice Fairbairn Cup (2nd division)

59th overall, 4th fastest 4th VIII
Time: 12:43
Great race guys. You really pulled it together today. Fantastic line round Chesterton and some real grunt at the finish! A focused row too - whenever it slipped out of time you brought it back together. A good culmination of all the work you've put in this term! (Andy S.)
really well done everyone: truly inspirational coxing as well as singing from avin, and such a good result considering the circumstances! really enjoyed rowing with u guys. (NadZ)
well you beat disney sussex A, their cox is getting it when i see her for sure.
EDIT (after seeing BJ's comment): ok i really can't remember why i wrote that but 'it' = 'laughed at' in this case (Jij)
Lucky girl. (BJ)

1. One last push
2. On the drive
3. Approaching the rail...

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