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Summer 2005

Miscellaneous women's VIIIs

Oxford City Sprint Regatta (Senior3 VIII), FaT/Queens'/Catz/Trinity Hall/Newnham/Peterhouse/LMBC composite, in 'Sir Bryan'

Semi finals
won by several lengths against Newnham
Crashed spectacularly into a pontoon off the start, leaving most of stroke side unable to row for about 10 strokes. Miraculously became un-entangled, re-drew, wound and strode, and sailed past Newnham [calling 'they've crashed; they're well behind..' etc.] in not-very-many strokes. Managed to gain clear water just as we crossed lines, narrowly avoiding blade clashing, but after that, Newnham were never really a threat.
Remarkably cohesive rowing, considering that this race was our first outing. (Lilie)

1. Strong finishes
2. We're going to win
3. Not bad, for a first...

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