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Lent Term 2005

6th men's VIII

Lent Bumps Getting-on Race

Didn't get on
Time: 9:22
My first ever race as a cox'n.

We started out quite nicely up first post reach and around first post corner, but a seat failure in the gut saw us crawl into grassy. With everyone back on their seats again, we were round grassy with not too much problem, although I was slightly wide on the exit (I'll blame bowside for this ;-) ). The plough reach was quite reasonable, rowing wise, but it was starting to go very soggy around Ditton corner. Once round the corner, a series of crabs from various members of the crew cost us time and rythym. One of these crabs saw the bowside blades get dangerously near to the bank, but a few good firm strokes from bowside and quick crab recovery saw us clear of the bank again. With a women's 2nd crew looming behind us, it was time to push hard for the finish. This resulted in several good bursts of speed, but also some frantic, out of time rowing.

Anyway, we crossed the line and didn't get on, but everyone seemed to have had some fun rowing this term. (Richard)

1. Effort near the end
2. At the catch
3. Getting the finishes...

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