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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2003

A side by side knock out regatta along the reach over 1000m
Sun 25th May

The event was organised by Cambridge 99s. At the bottom of this page there is a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

2nd men's VIII, 2nd division

Quarter finals
Lost (DQ) vs. Peterhouse I (Meadow Side)
A solid start and chunky powerful row saw us take a length off Peterhouse I on the outside of the bend by about the pink house. Thereafter, the Peterhouse crew responded by coming back at us through the railway bridge. A slight misjudgement by Rachel saw a blade clash between our 7-man and their 2-man. We were sufficiently unsettled by this to let them gain a little more ground and finished about 1/2 a length to the good.
Peterhouse rather unsportingly appealed in unison as they crossed the line, and the umpire upheld the DQ.
On to the plate ... (Matt)
Plate final
Won (3 feet) vs. Corpus I (Meadow Side)
A worse start and first half than in the previous round against Peterhouse gave us about 3/4 of a length on the outside again. Coming through the railway bridge once again we sagged slightly as Corpus pushed, but we unleashed our last reserves of strength upon Rachel's command and held them off for a rather surprisingly close official verdict of 3 feet. (Matt)
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3rd men's VIII, 3rd division

1st round
Beat Clare III by 1 length (Meadow side)
We had quite a nice row down - the boat being well sat nearly all of the way. We did a fast start, winding to 42 and striding to 38 before settling at around 35 or so. Clare pushed well off the start, holding us for a while, but then we started to open up distance steadily. We conserved our energy a little towards the finish letting Clare catch up a little, but we crossed the line a length up. (Richard)
Semi finals
Lost to Magdalene II by 2 lengths (Towpath side)
Both crews pushed well off the start, holding each other most of the way down the reach, Magdalene being a seat or two up just before the railway bridge. A well timed crab attempt from the 3 man just before the railway bridge saw us lose a bit of balance, rhythm, speed and distance. Magdalene then capitalised on the inside line getting something like 3/4 of a length on the other side. We never got it back together properly, the push for the finish didn't really happen and Magdalene took the race by an official verdict of 2 lengths. Congrats to Magdalene II for a good race and for beating what looked like a good Darwin crew in the final. (Richard)
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4th men's VIII, GradVIII, 4th and lower division

1st round
Lost to Peterhouse II Easily (Towpath side)
Never had much of a chance against a very good Peterhouse M2. Held them on the start though! (???)
Plate final
Beat Darwin II (DQ) (Meadow Side)
Another good start and we were leading Darwin II, our blades clashed and then our blades clashed with their boat. I didn't have much clue what was happenning, but they stopped and we kept going, to cross the line well in front after they eventually restarted.

The race was not properly rowed out owing to Darwin leaving their station and clashing badly with 1st & 3rd, who eventually crossed the finish line first.

as the 99s website says.

Well, we won some lovely glasses without actually winnig a race! (???)
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