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Emma Sprints, Mich Term 2002

500m up the reach. Fancy dress and bribery are recommended
Sat 23rd November

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2nd mixed VIII

1st round
beat Jesus novices
The second mixed VIII (Vicki, Helen, Andy, Matt, Mike, Andrew, Becca, Isobel and Sam) got of to a good start, quickly closing on the Jesus crew who had been given about 2 lengths by the start marshalls. After extending our lead to about a length, we switched to rolling fours and won comfortably. (Matthew)
Quarter finals
beat Emma novices
Helen had a supervision to go to and Vicki needed to get back for a rehearsal, so after toying with the idea of continuing as a VI+, we accepted Aileen and Anna from the 1st VIII as subs. Crew order was now Becca, Anna, Andy, Matt, Mike, Andrew, Aileen and Isobel, still coxed by Sam. Rowing the other way down the course, we started just behind the Emma boat, thanks to some calculated bribing of the marshalls, and once again rowed straight through them. After a brief flirtation with rolling 4's, Bow Pair were given a go, competently holding off the opposition, and maybe extending our lead a little. We brought all 8 in for a couple of strokes, easied, and drifted over the line. (Matthew)
Semi finals
beat Pembroke novices
The Pembroke crew was quite competant, so we started off with all of us rowing quite hard. At halfway, we were just getting clear water when Pemroke caught a massive crab, veered across the river and had to stop. We consequently wound down and as Pembroke started off again, we moved to single strokes, easied, and drifted over the line (again !). Revenge over the crew that knocked the 1st VIII out had been achieved (Matthew)
beat Clare Mixed
The Clare crew were slightly worse than Pembroke, but kept rowing for the whole length of the course, which necessitated rowing a proper race. Another comfortable win, and we got some doughnuts from the marshalls. Yum. (Matthew)
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1st mixed VIII

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