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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2002

BPBC 1st women's IV (Senior4 IV+)

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135th overall, winners of Senior 4 IVs
Time: 11:20
Going off behind the 1st and 3rd women's IV, the race plan was obvious: take down the crew in front. But as BPBC settled into a very strong rhythm in the first half of the course, it was quickly evident that there would not be only two boats involved in this race. A seat problem in the 1st and 3rd boat at Grassy meant that BPBC closed to within inches at Ditton. Alex, coxing 1st and 3rd, held his racing line and Bronwen was forced to take BPBC wide as both crews were suddenly confronted with the sight of a slow Fitz crew in front and an even slower crew from some other out of town club in front of them as they entered the reach. The Fitz cox then had the slightly intimidating situation of having Alex attempting to overtake on the towpath side, with Bronwen heading round on the meadows side, while the random slow crew in front wandered down the middle of the river threatening to cause even more carnage than there already was. The race quickly descended into a contest of who could intimidate the Fitz cox more, with commendable efforts from both coxes, and special mention to Bronwen for swearing like a trooper when the occasion demanded. Before long, the four boats were all racing side-by-side, and this on a river that can barely hold two boats without clashes occurring. Miraculously, no collision occurred until the Railway Bridge, where Bronwen, having been forced to the Meadows side round Ditton, had the inside line. Alex was forced to take evasive action to prevent his head being taken off by a Fitz blade and BPBC had the clear run to the finish. One of the most entertaining head races I have ever had the good fortune to watch - who says that the Cam can't hold side-by-side racing? (Mike)

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