The Club's Results

Winter League, 2nd leg

Time comparison

All the Winter League, 2nd leg results in our archive are listed in time order. Note that for most events the conditions (weather and stream) affect results significantly so it is only for interest.

The crews from Lent Term 2002 are shaded - locate 2nd men's VIII

  1. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2002: 9:41   4th men's VIII
  2. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 2003 (College VIIIs): 10:20   2nd Of 2 College VIII's, 7th fastest crew
  3. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 2002: 10:27   11th men's VIII
  4. 1st Women's double, Lent Term 2005 (2x): 12:54   joint 4th out of 7 W2x

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